What is a Mezzanine?

A mezzanine is a “middle” floor that is usually between two levels of a building or unit. Installing mezzanines will help to provide the owner with almost double the amount of storage space. Mezzanines, which are free-standing structures, are great for industrial spaces because it allows organisations to use their area in an efficient manner.

Mezzanines are also very durable and can withstand the heavy amounts of weight. Thus, this makes it a suitable and sustainable solution for companies.

What is a mezzanine

The picture above is an example of how one can maximise their storage space by installing an additional mezzanine level and combining it with shelving units.

Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs It

Many corporations in Singapore have small spaces that do not quite cater to their needs. With the limited area that companies have to work with, every available space is very important.

Mezzanine Saves Space

It is possible to make use of every inch of space in an economic way. This can be done by installing an integrated system using the mezzanine and combining it with the racking system. This will then help to provide suitable and customised storage solutions for your organisation.

The installation of the mezzanine will not only present you with a better solution to utilise your space, it can also equip your company with the abilities to operate in a more cost-efficient and systematic way. There are flexible options such as installing extra walkways and heavy-duty structures, which can help to better suit the needs of your company’s activities.

A mezzanine can also be installed not only to provide storage solutions, but it can also double up as an office area for employees. This can help to increase the company’s overall performance because this give employees a bird’s eye view of the company’s activities. They will then be able to address it immediately if there are any difficulties with the company’s production process.

The Different Types of Mezzanines

Wong Lye Racking Solutions provides two impressive mezzanine types to suit the various needs of each corporation.

V3000 Mezzanine (Medium Load)

Lightweight Mezzanine

This mezzanine type is our superior model that consists of uprights, beams, shelves, decks, handrails, stairs, and many more. The V3000 Mezzanine will provide you with the ability to store and manage small or medium sized goods in a systematic manner because of the large amount of space that the mezzanine provides.

The mezzanine type will give you a peace of mind as it includes a dedicated staircase with sturdy handrails in order to access to the top floor. This will help to reduce injuries within the company and ensure that your employees are working in a safe environment. With the V3000 Mezzanine type, you can also have the flexibility of installing an additional walkway to enable access for order picking.

In addition, this mezzanine type is ideal for advanced picking systems and it will enable companies to utilize the space in the most efficient manner.

V8000 Mezzanine (Heavy Load)

Heavy Weight Mezzanine

The V8000 Mezzanine is our premium model, built to withstand heavy items due to the industrial standard columns used together with steel. Due to the modern design and high-quality steel material, it will enable the mezzanine system to securely support the entire platform. The stable structure of this mezzanine type will guarantee your workers’ utmost safety. A cutting-edge design that is met with premium materials, the V8000 Mezzanine will definitely be a great asset to your company.

As the V8000 Mezzanine system is not mounted onto the wall, this provides an easy solution to install as well as to deconstruct the mezzanine level, which makes it a perfect choice for companies who are always on the go.

Benefits and Disadvantages of a Mezzanine

One of the main advantages of installing a mezzanine system would be having vast amounts of storage space, which can be used to better accommodate to your company’s operations.

Another advantage of the mezzanine system would be the simple installation and deconstruction of the mezzanine. As these systems are generally free standing structures, there is no need for the mezzanine level to be mounted on to the walls. This will then ensure a smooth assembling and dismantling process.

The mezzanines provide your company with a safer alternative to store, organise, and pack goods. With the use of pre-installed staircases and the option of including an additional walkways for pedestrian access, this solution would make operations more efficient and reliable.

One of the drawbacks of installing a mezzanine would be the cost of investing in one. Although mezzanines are meant to last in the long run, the initial amount that an organisation would have to pay in advance is an issue that discourages most companies from adopting this mezzanine system.

However, there are many government grants available that can be used to help fulfill your wish of adopting a mezzanine level in your company.

These 4 available schemes include the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC), the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV), the Capability Development Grant (CDG), and WorkPro.

These schemes allow grants to be given out to a wide range of companies and many small and medium enterprises can definitely gain access to the generous grants provided by the government.

Innovative Ideas for Mezzanine

If you are interested in how these mezzanines can work for your company, take a look at some of the mezzanine systems that we helped our valued clients to build.

UT Ways Freight Services Pte Ltd – V3000

UT Ways Freight Services needed a solution that would accommodate to its large equipment, but at the same time, to add a clever storage space solution to best suit its operations. We rose up to the challenge and provided them with the V3000 Mezzanine system that was made using our superior and sturdy material. The system could fit both their equipment, and provides the company with ample storage space at the top level to help them with their daily activities.

The V3000 Mezzanine system helped to equip this company with a more organised way to store their items. The wide aisle and tall upright beams allow the equipment to move freely without disrupting the operational flow of the organisation.

Lowe Refrigeration Pte Ltd – V3000

Due to the owner’s personal schedule, this project was faced with a time constraint but we were able to transform Lowe Refrigeration’s space into something that was multifunctional. Not only did we equip this company with the much-needed storage, we constructed the V3000 mezzanine system without moving any of the appliances.

This project was able to give the company double the amount of storage space while constructing the system efficiently and reliably. This project goes to show how we can construct the mezzanine system with minimal disruptions to your enterprise’s operations.

Tuas Supermarket Pte Ltd – V8000

Tuas Supermarket approached us with the intentions of maximizing their space. By implementing the V8000 mezzanine system, we were able to accommodate the larger machines and were also able to provide an easy storage solution. Furthermore, we were able to maintain the efficiency in the company’s operations by installing stairs so that the employees at Tuas Supermarket can access the goods easily and safely.

Having storage space is essential in this industry, and with the use of the mezzanine system, this company is able to maximize the space well. The additional staircase and a mezzanine level also provided workers with an easy access to the goods. This helped to ensure that the working process of the company is not being compromised and that the efficiency of the company can be improved.

CN Canvas – V8000

CN Canvas approached us to provide the company with the ultimate solution to store their materials in a safe and reliable manner. Previously, the company placed all their goods on the floor. Without a proper storage system, the enterprise was unable to make full use of all the space in the building. In addition, the area was messy and disorganized, which may affect the efficiency of the company.

However, with the construction and implementation of the V8000 mezzanine system, the company is able to maximize the use of their space by placing their goods on the top level of the mezzanine. The company can also put more goods or equipment at the bottom of the system, which will be helpful especially when big orders come in.

Common Use Cases


If you are looking for ideal storage solutions, mezzanine flooring is what you should have. Compared to racking, these floors are often more robust. They should be able to handle most of your storage needs. They also allow for ergonomic warehousing for easy access when required.


Markets are bound to go through peaks and dips in demand and supply. This brings about changes in requirements and capacities of warehouses. Mezzanine flooring gives you the ability to plan for space maximization and ease of access in your distribution centers.


Who likes buying from a crowded shop? With an extra floor, you can maximize your space and display your items in a more appealing way. It gives you more space and allows you to add value to your premises. Of course, with more stock, you should make more sales and get more profit.


If you have a small office, you might want to increase office space. Alternatively, you could be looking to add a manufacturing element to your premises. With an additional floor, you can increase space without losing valuable floor space on the existing levels.


When space is lacking, use a mezzanine floor to create invaluable storage space. You can use this space for filing, archives, stock or general storage. As a matter of fact, having a well-designed space helps a growing business immensely.


As businesses begin to grow, it becomes necessary to use mezzanine flooring. It helps you overcome the challenge of creating more space without having to move premises. This ensures you avoid the huge costs associated with construction of new premises. If there is a need to move your premises,you can also move the entire mezzanine flooring to the new building.


The best manufacturing premises should be constructed so that they maximize both space and productivity. With an extra floor, you can maximize processes and workflow. This should result in more efficient productivity which will ultimately affect the organization’s bottom-line. Mezzanine flooring ensures that manufacturing facilities are able to bear the heavy machinery. It also ensures that it accommodates the many people working in that section.

How You Can Get Started

With the limited amount of space that companies are facing on this tiny island, it is about time that your corporation decides to adopt this mezzanine system. These systems are definitely a great way to utilize every inch of your company’s workspace and will provide an increased amount of efficiency and organisation to your enterprise.

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