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Rack Supported Platform

The rack-supported platform is a storage area for heavy-duty goods. This type of system fits the best when the storage space has sufficient height.

Our rack-supported warehouse storage systems are designed to use the existing or new pallet racking. Thus, providing a way for storage optimization and at affordable pricing. A variety of beams and upright profiles, stairs, rails, and handrails, can be designed and integrated by our rack.

Rack Supported Platform

Heavy-duty racks are the most popular – 100% Versatile

Best suitable for commercial or warehouse usage. Durable and capable of carrying a lot of weight, these heavy-duty racks increase efficiency. Aside from this flexibility, they can adapt to a wide range of loading conditions and circumstances.

Heavy-duty selective racks can be placed anytime without causing any weight crushing. Using the First-In, First-Out storage structure, warehouse goods are accessed. These racks are singly or doubly set up to accommodate all the handling tools.

Heavy Duty Racks

V10,000 Super Heavy Duty – Gul Lane

v10,000 Super Heavy Duty

Super Heavy-Duty Racking


  • Robust and uniformed rack structure
  • Easy installation and repositioning
  • Adjustable beams suiting any pallet type

Super-heavy V10,000 comprises welded ibeams. Such racks further provide excellent safety against interferences, loss, or beam disengagement.

We only use high-strength quality steel, certified to meet the strictest specifications. All welding operations are controlled and performed by certified welders. A durable coating ensures a long service of rack systems, even under the most demanding industrial conditions.

V3000 Heavy - Duty Racking – Gul Lane

v3000 Heavy Duty Racking

Pallet Racking - Compact Storage Solution

Pallet Racking is an effective storage solution that incorporates the use of pallets in material storage. The material is loaded on the pallets that are kept on racks.

The pallet racks consist of a combination of beams and uprights. The uprights support the structure from the sides, whereas the beams connect the uprights and act as a platform for the pallets.

The pallet rack storage systems by WCT Racking Pte Ltd are designed keeping your load and storage requirements in mind. We aim to provide storage solutions that lead to functional and easily manageable warehouses. Some of the benefits of our pallet racking storage system are.

Saves Space

Our pallet racking systems utilise the warehouse area for maximum storage. The racks can be implemented up to multiple levels vertically, allowing you to store more material in less space.

Convenient To Use

The material is kept on pallets with the help of forklifts. So, the workers can load and unload the pallets conveniently without any hassle.

High Durability

Our racking systems are fit for heavy-duty usage. Made from highly durable material; the racks can withstand higher loads without any issues.

V3000 Racking System - Tampines North Drive 1

v3000 Racking System

V3000 Racking System


  • UDL 300 KG/M2 – 1000 KG/M2
  • Modular arrangement
  • Suitable for storage outlining

Comprises of Support Beams and Uprights

It is a mezzanine system that includes beams, deck, upright, shelves, stairs, etc. New storage floors can be integrated into these racks with walkways to allow for easy order picking by pedestrians. All the handpicking and packaged products are handled with this shelving system because it maximizes the available headroom.

This racking system is best suitable for using the warehouse's space and height and simply accommodating the automated picking system.

Using this racking system, you can maximize the warehouse's area and height while allowing the automated picking system to function.

V5000 Racking System - Paya Lebar Road

v5000 Racking System

V5000 Racking System


  • UDL 500KG/M2 – 1000KG/M2
  • Column free
  • Ideal for commercial / Office storage use

Welded hollow section - column free

V5000 Racking System is our deluxe model. Knowing a well– designed space aids a growing business immensely. So, we carefully strategy a good size built-in platform, that is ideal for all commercial and office storage.

Using all galvanized and white paint coat as finishing, quality steel plank decking platform. Topped with a sturdy and strong ladder to maximize the ground floor usage as well.

V6000 Racking System - Pandan Loop

v6000 Racking System

V6000 Racking System


  • UDL 600KG/M2 – 1500KG/M2
  • Column free, length span to 6 metres
  • Fast installation, hassle free

V6000 Racking System is our superior model having the ability to achieve fast installation within hours. No welding is used during the entire building up with column free and non-requirement of bolting to the ground for this modular structure. Suitability of using different decking material, having no GFA concern for storage usage.

V8000 Racking System - Kaki Bukit Industrial

v8000 Racking System

V8000 Racking System


  • Storage Space – CHECKED
  • UDL 1000KG/M2 – 2000kg/M2
  • Column free, length span to 10 metres
  • Bolts and nuts structure

V8000 Racking System is our premium model, built to withstand heavy items also meeting the industrial standard. Columns and beams are welded strongly together. The modern design and high-quality steel material enable the racking system to securely support the entire platform.

This racking system type will guarantee your workers’ utmost safety. A cutting-edge design using utmost premium materials, the V8000 racking system will definitely be a great asset to your company.

Outdoor Shelter/ Structure Works - 140 Corporation Drive

outdoor shelter and structure

*FULL COMPLETION* of Construction of Structural Sheltered Outdoor Dining Space – 1000sqft

We have successfully constructed first outdoor shelter within the span of 2 months. From a bare collected space to an extensive F&B dining area. Well-furnished lightings and ventilation system is installed to enhance consumer’s dining experience.

Welcoming more customers, with the spacious dining area. Especially important during this period, having safe measures distance implemented.

We have accomplished and unlocked our significant project and delivered smoothly to our client in good hands!

HDB/BCA/SCDF/URA Submission Consultation

outdoor shelter and structure


BCA - BP/QP calculation?


URA - GFA Calculation?

How much do you know about submission to the authorities?

In WCT Racking Pte Ltd, we believe that obtaining the necessary certificates from authorities are equally important for long-term smooth business operations and increase higher resale value. With our expertise in doing it the right way, planning and construction of mezzanine and heavy-duty racking in your warehouse for extra storage would double up the benefits as a whole.

We have a team of professionals providing services package as follows,

  • BCA Submission
  • SCDF Submission
  • URA Waiver Exemption
  • Compliant Racking System and Storage – With General Builder License (GB2)

Our consultants are here to advise and assist you in getting the needed approved submission documents.

We can provide the qualified consultant you need to review, prepare, endorse, and submit the needed documents to the relevant government authorities to obtain the approved documents you need to run your business with peace of mind.